Goals Beyond the Net



Jacmel United Football Club

JUFC is a soccer league we have established for the children. We have enrolled over 300 children, both girls and boys, ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old. GBTN has 20 teams, which play soccer three times a week, including specialized position training. Using the children’s love for soccer, GBTN teaches them the importance of looking “beyond the net”. By using the skills they develop in the academy, such as discipline, leadership, teamwork, dedication, and citizenship, they are able to grow into individuals who find success on and off the field.

Monthly intra-league games are conducted with quarterly opportunities to travel to play teams in Grand Gôave and Port au Prince. The academy also hosts an annual soccer tournament at the Jacmel city stadium. GBTN hosts an Annual Award ceremony, which players are recognized for their soccer and educational achievements. We also honor children that have demonstrated outstanding character and community service. 

Players must be scholar athletes and are required to submit their quarterly exam scores. JUFC players who do not maintain their our academic standard are not allowed to participate in soccer until they achieve the JUFC’s educational standard of a 6.0 on the National Exam. 

GBTN has a Technical Director who works with the coaching staff, providing weekly Coaches Clinics and attends all practices.

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