Goals Beyond the Net
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Goals Beyond The Net (GBTN) believes that education is of paramount importance for children, ensuring future opportunities for improving their living conditions. Goals Beyond The Net requires that each child in GBTN be enrolled in school and to have achieved a National Exam score of at least 6.0, which is above the National Exam passing score of 4. Prior to GBTN, these children were either not enrolled in school, not able to finish the school year due to financial reasons, or failing out of school. For children who cannot afford school due to financial hardship, GBTN will sponsor the child or supplement the child through educational scholarships. 


Additionally, if a child is struggling in school, GBTN identifies the factors and creates solutions to ensure the child’s academic success. This includes helping the child obtain supplies, one-on-one tutoring, transportation, etc. When GBTN began this program, near 50% of the children could not pass this exam! Our success is evident with 100% enrollment of our scholar athletes in school and scoring 6.0 and above. Thirty percent of our top scholars have earned scores between 8 and 9.67. 


JUFC is currently partnering with Vie de France School, recognized as the top school in Haiti. Vie de France School, located in Jacmel, incorporates the core curriculum for the National Exam, but offers greater learning opportunities, which will enhance the children’s educations. The curriculum includes computer skills, music, art, physical education, French and English. This school has been recognized nationally for the last three years for their students achieving the highest National Exam scores in Haiti. Vie de France only accepts students who’s ages match their appropriate grade level.


Currently we have 68 students (25% of our children) who have met the enrollment criteria and are currently enrolled. GBTN’s vision for each year is to enroll all of our 6, 7, and 8 year olds into Vie de France, with the projection that within 10 years, 100% of JUFC students will be attending Vie de France with GTBN educational scholarships.